Carpet cleaning methods we use

At Smart Clean we use Hot water extraction cleaning in most situations and the Dry foam shampoo method for shrinkable carpets.

The hot water soil extraction method (not to be confused with steam cleaning) uses equipment that sprays heated water on the carpet while also vacuuming any dislodged and dissolved dirt. Sometimes cleaning chemicals are added in this process where it is deemed necessary.

This is one of the most effective carpet cleaning methods available because it provides a deep clean. The main difference between steam cleaning and hot water extraction is the temperature used during the process. The excessively high temperatures produced in steam cleaning can in some cases cause damage to man-made carpet fibers, whereas the hot water extraction method uses lower temperatures but is still effective at killing germs and reducing allergens in the cleaning process.

We also use the Dry foam cleaning method. It's typically used for water-sensitive carpets and types of carpet which inhibit sufficient water extraction. With this type of cleaning we first remove grease from the surface of the carpet. A foam blanket is applied after a dry clean and the foam is left to stand for around 10 minutes to allow the chemical cleaning agents in the foam to work on the carpet.

Although described as a dry method of cleaning the foam is approximately 10% liquid and 90% air so it's not a completely dry method. Some foams incorporate colour brighteners, anti-soiling agents and protectants in them.

As professional carpet cleaners we can recommend which method is the best to use for your carpets after inspection has been carried out.

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