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As a well established carpet and upholstery cleaning company, Smart Clean offer a professional cleaning service to customers in the Plymouth area including Saltash, Woolwell, Wembury and Ivybridge.

The two main cleaning methods we use are 'Hot water extraction' and 'Dry shampoo cleaning' depending on the type of carpets you want cleaning. Some carpets can shrink when steam cleaned. Berber carpets and velvet piled carpets can also be adversely effected if incorrect methods are used, so it's important to know which type your carpet is before attempting to clean it yourself.

In order to save on cost, some people prefer to clean their own carpets using a diy carpet cleaner and carpet shampoo, however this can sometimes lead to problems and results will never be as effective, or as long lasting, when cleaned using a machine used by a professional carpet cleaner.

Hot water extraction differs from high temperature steam cleaning where high temperature are used. Steam cleaning is not very effective because there is no rinsing of the fibers involved. Neither is it the best way to remove stains and soil. The hot water extraction method is the preferred method as it removes more dust and abrasive particles resulting in less wear and pile abrasion. Carpet manufacturers generally recommend hot water extraction as the best way to clean most carpets.

As well as having experience in cleaning all types of carpets, we also specialise in cleaning all types of rugs including oriental rugs and we offer a professional upholstery cleaning service too.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaner

We currently use a Sabrina carpet cleaning system for carpets to be cleaned using the hot water extraction method.

Thermadry carpet cleaning system

We currently use a Thermadry dry foam carpet cleaning system for carpets that may be subject to shrinkage.

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